About the (Old) photos

Great Great Aunt Mary Mary was the lady’s maid at Styford Hall. Somebody wrote on the back of her CdV how old she was when it was done. Somebody (else?) has – rather annoyingly – scratched it out. Which is a shame – it would have dated the card pretty well, assuming the reporter was trustworthy.
Great Grandfather Henry
Henry and his sister Mary were two of the seven children of the Coachman, William Brown, who worked for the Grey family at Styford Hall in the 1860s to the 1890s
Great Grandmother Margaret
Margaret’s picture was taken in Stirling, Scotland, from where she was in transit in her journey from Fife to Northumberland. Mary was already there at Styford Hall when she arrived to take up employment as a maidservant.
Nineteenth century CdVs (Cartes de Visite) – which pretty much equates to ‘Victorian‘ since she was bequeened in 1837, just a few years before photography arrived – were for pretty much anybody. They can be dated, especially if you have the original with its back. See Ron Cosens for more information (and services) on these visiting cards and more general victorian photographs.

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