It’s occasionally peculiar, what you find when you’re just rootin’round the web. One of my search terms was "Kathryn Bone" (having an ancestor from the Bone family, this is not as arbitrary as it seems) and I turn up a genealogical page referencing a Kathryn Marcele Bone, born in Indiana in 1964 who married a Terry Watts, born in Pennsylvania in 1961.

What was notable about this pair was that they were both entered as died on 31 December 1986 in Ash Flat, Arkansas. And that they have an infant born only a couple of weeks before their death. So naturally I’m intrigued and – without much hope of finding anything online because 1986 is a little ‘pre-web’ – I have a look for Ash Flat, Arkansas, 1986 and Terry Watts.

Pretty much immediately I turn up a murder case with Kathryn and Terry as the victims. Yikes. Now I’m rubbernecking. I was expecting maybe, at most, some sort of traffic accident or something (which means I wan’t really expecting anything because such a report would probably not have been networthy, being so old and so everyday).

It turns out that this murder was actually being discussed recently, 20 years after, because it had only just been resolved. Somebody had received the death penalty for the murder and – as of January 22 2009 – this appears to have been still under appeal and there’s a heated discussion about it (involving relatives and associates of the involved parties).

It’s of some peripheral interest that notoriety appears to breed possessiveness, the alleged perpetrator being described in one report as ‘a Kentucky man’ and in another as ‘a Florida man’.


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  1. pussonalamp says:

    I thought I’d return to this matter, since some time has elapsed since my first stumblings.

    As of September 20, 2008, Steven Victor Wertz has failed another appeal and so remains on Death Row in an Arkansas Prison.

    There’s a photograph of him in a forum conversation, but it’s very odd – it looks half-baked and somewhat unprofessional. The prison authorities appear to have simply held up a card with a name and a number in front of him. They have spelled his name Wetz, on top of everything else – maybe he could now get off on a technicality of mis-identification. The camera angle, too, suggests the whole exercise is informal. I don’t know what he’s wearing but it certainly isn’t that orange jump suit we’re all now used to. Were it not for the card (held by the outstretched arm of some prison functionary) occluding the view of his forearms and hands, one might imagine its being a white strait-jacket. But that’s not too likely.

    • Janine Keller says:

      Terry was my cousin and Steven Wertz was a nightmare in the flesh. The online articles will never express how merciless he was while stalking Terry and Kathy nor how he harassed Terry’s family after he committed the murders. I know Steve’s family defends him and they should…it is family, They seem to have no idea how he truly brutal he was to our entire family.

      • pussonalamp says:

        Sorry about the length of time taken to approve this. I just discovered your comment today in a bunch of emails I never even knew I had! I blame outlook and its handling of now defunct live mail 😦

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