In 1901 …

The 1901 census transcript for the Victoria Jubilee Infirmary, situate on Hawkey’s Lane, North Shields, contains a large number of transcription errors. A couple of them are occupational hazards. There are four Hopital Nurses under Janet K Tasker, aged 26, who is the Matron Of Instution.

But mostly it’s the diseases. There’s a 68 year old Plymouth born retired Watchman, Francis Park, with an Absess In Thigh. It was tempting to take this one stage further and claim that there was an Abbess in his sheltering thigh, but I have resisted. Young Joseph Yarrow, an 11 year old, has Taborculosis Outis. I hoped he got better, but it would seem not (in 1916 there’s a general registry office entry recording the death of a 16 year old Joseph Baird Yarrow in Tynemouth).

Joseph Thomas, born in France, is a 37 year old sailor with a sprained abdomer and a Danish born sailor, John P Jorgensen – aged 30 – is in for rhematism. The Alnwick born 46 year old coachman (not domestic, mind you) William Elliott has an ulser of leg, and another Danish born sailor, the 39 year old Charles C Kludt has an ocalp wound.

Yarmouth born 33 year old fisherman Mr William Hodge has cillulitis. Durham born Mrs Mary J Smith is 39 years old with a fractured febia & ?ala. Both little William Kelley – a 6 year old from Durham, and the Newcastle born Jane F Scott, 26, have desease, William of hip and Jane of heart. A fractured tibis explains the presence of George W Bradbrook, another 6 year old Gateshead born inmate.


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