In Short

With five or fewer chars in each word used, how are we tied? A Chain may set you free – is the odd thing going on here (I can't use that 'para' word as it's too long). If you don't have any rules then you can write any old thing. There is too much scope and – due to this – you may not be able to even start. But if you have a limit, you can at least begin with a piece on that limit.
If this were to be taken up to the html level also, so that you could use only HTML tags (and atts – you know what I mean) of five or fewer chars, then we'd be able to use B, for bold, but not STRO … – well, you see what I mean. You could do TABLE all the way down but could align only left or right and could not align v-wise at all. With style and class you can still do much, but you could muck about with only font-size, font-style – you'd be stuck with the font. But you'd not be able to alter much stuff in code since the dash in the name (e.g. font-size) isn't there in the code name for the css style prop.


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