So I’m on the train, the metro, and see these two young women aseat, aface, and they chat (too far away for me to hear but – as I don’t need to drop any eaves – that’s fine by me) and while they chat, one of them puts up her hair at the back with her two hands and a laccy band (yup, no cheat – there truly is a word ‘laccy‘ we use up here in the north east as short for the seven char word I can’t use). Which is not worth a whole blog entry is it? It’s a daily piece of every, after all. But I start to think how great that is, that we can do that sort of thing, talk and fully hook with other folk and do a quite hard trick with our hands – out of our own sight mind you – at the same time.

Could a horse or a lion do that with its mane? OK, not fair. Let’s at least stick with the apes. Chimp (sorry ‘zee’ – I know we don’t call you that any more, but I’m on this short word deal) or Orang-Utan or the big guy whose name doth rhyme with villa? Well, no, they don’t. But they don’t have pony tails, so why would they even if they could. Who cuts these guys’ hair?


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