Mud Slung



So, it’s still here then. Seven moons after the two or three dozen yards or so of river bank fell into the river Tyne, the pile of mud and junk can still be seen on your left as you cross the river by tram from north to south over the QEII Metro span. There does not seem to be any webby info about this at the G’head, or City, or the River Tyne Peeps (tho this last bunch may have no stake in it since it’s so far up the river from the actual port).

There is a nice note, by ‘a chap‘, on the Chron’s story (which I can’t show here since he uses long words)

It does look as if the drop was sped up by the ‘patch’, does it not? I query how much the fix will cost and even – in this era of cuts – if it’s just too much to mend. To fix a river bank has got to be quite a hard and pricy piece of work.

But here is an idea – they could build a flat mini-bridge to span the gap. I think of a thick glass, or at least a see-thru like pvc. Kids could have a bit of a dare to walk along it and bike folk along the Trail might find an odd piece of track. Cats (pussy or real) – well – they could just mosey up the bank a bit and walk round it. Like it’s what they meant to do all along, like you avoid the walk under a climb-rail[?!].

It might be quite cheap and also a tour spot. Just sweep the muddy stuff into the river, by the way – it could do with a bit of a re-dredge.


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