Once in a lifetime

You only get one such birthday, the one where you reach the age matching the year you were born. E.g. if you were born in ‘60, your yearthday (let’s call it that why don’t we? yes let’s) is when you turn 60 (in 2020).

It’s only meant for those born in the middle bit of the century, i.e. for the middle-aged.

It’s completely wasted on infants, and it’s not much cop for teenagers either because they’ll have it too early and will have nothing left to look forward to. They’ve not been born yet anyway – they’ll be having their yearthdays in the years 2026 to 2038.

The elderly would’ve been (they’ve all gone now) just pleased they were still around. They were born 1875-1899 with their yearthdays between 1950-1998. It’s going to be so long before the next crop of elderly yearthdayers turn up, around 2150, that they’ll probably no longer be regarded as elderly. And you don’t get any more yearhdays past your 99th birthday.

This should be an extra special birthday and people should do extra specially nice things for you. We should  vote on this. But as you’re probably not going to be very enthusiastic about this idea if you were born before 1956, you don’t get a vote. Ner.


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2 Responses to Once in a lifetime

  1. ds says:

    Not a yearthday for me last Thursday: only 42. Which is nice for many reasons, one of which is factorisation.

    And those born on the turn of a century would surely suffer a surfeit?

    • pussonalamp says:

      I suppose your yearthday had its own Orwellian charm.

      I, too, wondered if it were strictly fair to deny the very aged their extra yearthdays, but it’s all about the modulo 100. If you’re born in 2000 then by the time it’s 2001 I’m afraid you’ve already had your yearthday. You could, if you wanted to stretch a point, have allowed it as the second yearthday of one born in 1900 by saying they were born “back in ‘100“, but it doesn’t sit right.

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