Once per life

You only get one such day, your y-day, the one where you reach the age of the year you were born. E.g. if you were born in ‘60, it’s when you turn 60 (in 2020).

It’s meant for only those born after about ’40 and until about ’60, i.e. for the young fogey.

But why?” I hear you ask.

Well, it’s lost on tots, and it’s also not much cop for teens as they will have it too early and will thus have poke all to look forth to. And they have not yet been born – they will have their y-days in the years 2026 to 2038.

The aged would have been (all gone now) just happy they were still here. They were born 1875-1899 with their y-days twixt 1950-1998. It’s going to be so long until the next crop of old y-day peeps turn up, about 2150, that they will maybe no more be seen as aged. And you don’t get any more y-days past your 99th year.

This ought to be be an extra fine birth day and folk ought to do extra nice stuff for you. We could  vote on this. But you may not be very fired up by this idea if you were born pre 1956, so you don’t get a vote. Ner.


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