Long queues at Tesco. It’s one of those inadequately tilled periods when they’re caught on the hop by the unexpectedly high number of people buying stuff. That well known lull of the week, mid-Saturday morning.

A tillier eventually arrives, opens up another lane, and the small and thin octagenarian lady in front of me quickly switches to the head of the new queue. A few seconds later a rather larger lady with several fewer decades under her belt asks the octagenarian if she can go ahead of her since she was ahead of her in the previous queue. Now I wasn’t looking at the time, so all I hear are the verbals.

Octagenarian lady she say “no”.

That’s all. It was hilarious.

Both of them continue about their business without further ado, but the tillier looked quite embarrassed, with a look on his face carrying something like we shall not speak of this again.

But you probably had to be there.


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