Turkish Revolt

Not sure why the report below is quite so justified in using the mock-commiserative tone that it does. This is a picture from the summer of 1914 (20th June, The Graphic, p1109), and our womenfolk were not exactly emancipated either. Maybe it’s because they’re foreigners and a bit slow.


The Revolt of Woman in Turkey: Ladies on strike against the yashmak

The Turk of to-day is perturbed. His womankind, also, is getting out of hand, and the whole social fabric, as based upon the polygamous instincts of natural man — approved by the Prophet and consecrated by immemorial custom — threatens to crumble about his ears. In vain are women daily sent to prison for appearing in public with uncovered faces. They glory in their misconduct, and continue their struggle for complete emancipation, completely indifferent to the feelings of their lords and masters. The harem is in full revolt, the yashmak is doomed, and the Old Turk can only murmur Kismet, and think with regret of the happy old days of the bowspring-cum-Bosphorus …


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