Kobe, 1871

On page 268 of The Graphic (Volume 4, 16th September 1871) are before and after pictures of a typhoon at Kobe. There’s a photograph over here at MeijiShowa, where the typhoon is reported as having happened on the 4th of July. I’m not sure why it would have taken two months for them to turn up in a British publication. Even back then, the world worked faster than that. But, there it is.


Kobe before the Typhoon

These pictures are claimed as the provenance of the Illustrated London News – but no date is given, so somebody will have to go and have a hunt around. It’s interesting, since The Graphic was a publication started up (fourteen years after the ILN was established) as a competitor, staffed by people who believed the ILN was getting it all wrong and treating its artists badly.


Kobe after the Typhoon


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