Scary Monkey

The year is 1898. We’re back in the weekly news magazine, The Graphic. Advertisements are getting as picturesque as the news. Full page spread adverts aren’t in every week, but when they are they do rather tend to dominate.

A series of ads for Brooke’s Soap thread their way through the year. Here’s January’s (Jan 1 issue, page 23), The picture is scary enough with the monkey as it is. If you’re at all coulrophobic though, it’s probably best to look away … oops, sorry — too late.


It’s not hand soap though, nor is it laundry soap. They go out of their way to proclaim this fact.

Won’t Wash Clothes
Monkey Brand
For Floors and Kitchen Tables, Linoleum and Oilcloths

For Polishing Metals, Paint, Cutlery, Crockery, Machinery, Baths, Stair Rods.

For Steel, Iron, Brass and Copper Vessels, Fire-Irons, Mantels, Etc. Removes Rust, Dirt, Stains, Tarnish etc.

By the end of April (April 30 issue, page 545) we’re becoming rather inappropriate. They’re still fascinated with the oriental in late nineteenth century Europe, but this is getting ridiculous.


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