Sometimes I take pictures. This is intended in the colloquial sense, not the criminal.

Sometimes I pass on facts at my disposal, and will link to sources (where possible).

Sometimes I have opinions. I try not to express them. I’d much rather ask (appropriately insouciant) questions. This risks coming across as passive-aggressive snarkiness – which is not the intention (although passive-aggressive snarkiness never is an intention, so that’s knocked that disclaimer on the ‘ead then).

I could put information about my site here, so casual passers-by know where I am coming from. I suppose the picture’s a clue to my real location. I could also make up many more pages like this one or sub-pages at whim and manage all such stuff with WordPress. But I probably won’t. Casual passers-by indeed. Now how likely is that?

2 Responses to About

  1. somewhat likely.

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