Pithy expressions – brevity being the soul of wit’n’all that – are quite difficult to produce. Here are some half-pithed ones.

  • If some people are making an issue out of the perceived effort involved in producing something then you’ve already got a problem. But maybe only with that something for those people.
  • Western democratic process has been simplified to choosing which particular set of millionaires is least likely to mess up your lifestyle.
  • The belief that you were right because you made a decision – since you probably believed you were right when you made it – is a common delusion.
  • It is immoral to prey upon the stupid, the ignorant or the delusional – unless they are rich, influential or powerful, where it becomes an imperative.
  • A plan is an artifice designed to give its constructors the notion that they are in control of reality.
  • If you’d rather be right than certain then you’d better rather be wrong too.
  • If you’d rather be certain than right then it doesn’t matter if you’re right.
  • Nobody will ever accuse you of pedantry when you lose an argument.
  • The persistently bad speller, upon being corrected, has little trouble spelling ‘pedantic twat’.
  • If you cannot lie, you cannot create. In order to create, you must be able to imagine the world as other than it is.
  • One marvels at the excess of a God who must create an entire civilization of monkeys – with their own technical, political and economic structures – simply to provide us the proper choice of urbanised infrastructures sufficient for our needs. (Translated from Cat)

Perhaps they need to be in Latin

Although the last might suit the weight of German

Man wundert sich der Überschuss von einem Gott, der eine ganze Zivilisation von Affen geschaffen hat – mit ihren eigenen technischen, politischen und wirtschaftlichen Strukturen – Einfach uns die richtige Wahl der städtischen Infrastruktur ausreichend für unsere Bedürfnisse.

or have left the pen of the French philosopher René Desc(h)artes:

On s’émerveille devant l’excès d’un Dieu qui a créé une civilisation entier des singes – avec leurs propres techniques, politique et économiques structures – simplement à nous fournir avec le choix adéquate d’infrastructures urbanisées suffisant à nos besoins.

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