If you happen to have a pair of those red-blue 3d viewing specs knocking about, now’s the time to don them. Otherwise the mixer pix will look rubbish.

Oldschool studio mixage

Microphone through a mixer adding voice-overs to a pair of stereo sound sources

Made up

A few minutes of my sonic samples, cloudily hosted by the estimable people at Audioboo

  • ‘Noir’ – for fans of old movies and hard-boiled dialog with smokey jazz.
  • ‘Bypass’ – an attempt at synthetic drumming in a pretend procession
  • ‘笹川 旭凰’ – Kyokuko’s lovely voice pushed through an effects unit

If imaginary drumming make you feel as if you want to learn how to percuss, and you’re in the area, head over for pro-lessons with real actual kit at Nik’s place and tell him Paulie sent you.

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