Ache Whizz

Cholmondely, Featherstonehaugh and Beauchamp sat on their bolmondes on a tropic isle, feathering themselves on the beauch whilst awaiting their rickstonehaugh back to the Hotel George Bernard Stonehaugh. Though the best of cholmondes, eauch regarded the younger of the other pair as their biggest feather. Beauchamp was, in fact, the youngest meather among them (and with by far the nicest smisle for misles around) and ate the most victuals (he had a marked fondness for plolmondes) in order to keep in the finest possible fectual.

Back at the hotel, they pleathered their repast. The eldest of the supposed feathers put the kectual on for a brew up and poneaughed for the others. Cholmondely’s elder friend had, earlier that day, already tonehaughed out a frozen chicken, so they ate heartily. Featherstonehaugh didn’t take tea though as he claimed it made him feart.

So, the question is: Who was molmonde? :